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Latest update to Singles' Inferno 2D1N Staycation (Season 2 open now!)

Updated: May 23, 2022

As featured on GirlStyle, Zula (The Smart Local), Goodyfeed, TheBeauLife, Women's Weekly, AsiaOne, Home & Decor

After 5 runs of Singles' Inferno Staycation in Sofitel Sentosa from February to April, we are very heartened by the happy faces on all the participants - couples were matched, friendships were forged and everyone had a fun time. Thanks to the very encouraging response, we are pleased to announce that we are launching SEASON 2 Singles' Inferno Staycation in May and June 2022! This time, it would be at W Singapore - Sentosa Cove!

Click here to register. Placings are very limited.

Below you may find the common questions asked by our participants 😊

Q: How are the activities organised?

A: Over this 2-day-1-night staycation, you will meet meet new friends in different small groups (3-5 pax) over the meals and activities planned for you by us at Singapore Staycation. We have planned a dynamic grouping system whereby participants will switch and swop groups periodically! We will arrange the groupings and give everyone an individual programme sheet to follow through 😊

You will meet your new group mates at specific timings and meeting points, then the group will head off for the activity together.

Q: Just wondering if we can get a placing at the Singles’ Inferno Staycation?

A: If you have been contacted by one of our travel consultants, given the date slot, please make payment for the invoice as soon as you can to reconfirm your placing. The placings are on a first come first serve basis. As we need to maintain the gender ratio balance and to pair you up with a room buddy, if there is an odd number, we are afraid we might be unable to allocate a placing for the last person (in order of payment).

Q: Can I know is there a selection process?

A: We will look at the whole pool of participants and try our best to match more compatible (height, age, occupation) participants in the same group and place them in similar sessions.

We are also balancing the gender ratio 50-50 to < 60-40 in every session.

Q: I understand that despite the date that I have chosen, we are asked to be flexible with a new date arrangement, can I know why this is so?

A: We are constantly analyzing and matching hundreds of participants which we received over the week and we are putting effort to group compatible participants together. As such, we may highly encourage another slot for you because we are putting extra effort to group compatible participants together.

We are not a professional dating agency (we are a Singapore travel agency hence we are packaging with our special deal rates from W Singapore), but we are doing our best to make it more fun and meaningful for everyone.

We hope that at the end of the day, you can meet new friends outside your usual circle, and have a fun weekend together 😎

Q: I’m curious if the signups are mostly Singaporean?

A: Yes that is correct!

Q: Are there other rooming arrangements available?

A: Yes of course. If you prefer to have the room to yourself, you can always opt for non-sharing room, with a top up of $290nett.

If you signed up with your friend, please let us know and we will pair you for the rooming arrangement.

Upcoming run dates and capacity per slot (limited due to room availability):

21-22 May - 20 participants (FULL)

28-29 May - 20 participants

(open for female participants only)

4-5 June - 20 participants

(open for male participants only)

Check out our brochure!

Click here for our second blog post

Singapore Staycation is not a matchmaking agency, but we will do our best to make it fun and meaningful for everyone!


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